Cariboo Malt

In the red corner, weighing in at 8% alcohol by volume, available in 355 mL AND 473 mL tall cans, we present: Cariboo Malt Liquor! This heavyweight beer hails from Northern British Columbia and is made with choice Canadian grains and brewed to high test—using pure BC spring water as the main ingredient. Move over […]

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Cariboo Light Lager

This is destined to be the number-one selling light beer in BC. Our Light Lager is a low alcohol replica of Cariboo’s award-winning Genuine Draft, without compromising that same satisfying finish. The 4% alcohol brew is an affordably-priced, local, fresh beer that’s made from pure BC spring water for maximum refreshment any time. 

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Cariboo Honey Lager

Cariboo Honey Lager has a hint of honey that gives the beer a nice body. It leaves a pleasantly warm and smooth finish that has little residual sweetness. This beer was designed to not be too sweet or have an overbearing honey flavour.    The beer itself is made with the same raw ingredients as

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Cariboo Blonde

Did you know that Cariboo Blonde has won multiple awards since being released (including a 2017 BC Beer Award)? If you haven’t given this award-winning Blonde a try yet, you might just want to think about giving it a go on your next trip to your local Cariboo retailer to see exactly why this is

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PWB - Beverages - Pacific - Schwarzbock

Pacific Schwarzbock

The name “Schwarzbock” derives from the German word for black (“schwarz”) and “strong beer” (“bock”). Pacific Schwarzbock is true to German-style bocks, with an alcohol content of 8%, yet remarkably drinkable without the taste of alcohol but has a nice warm body that beer connoisseurs are looking for. 

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Canterbury Dark Mild

Canterbury Dark Mild is caramel bodied with delicate aroma hops and a pleasant finish. First brewed more than 30 years ago, Dark Mild was one of BC’s original craft beers and always paid tribute to Britain and the Canterbury Cathedral.  We have given it a new bright, bold look that reminds us this mature favourite

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