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Pacific Free

PWB’s “Pacific” family of beers have been West Coast classics since the eighties, brewed using an ISO-certified, all-malt recipe and our pure BC spring water, which is an essential ingredient in all our great brews. We are proud to introduce Pacific Free, a gluten-removed Lager for a discerning, health-conscious generation of beer lovers. Pacific Free …

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PWB - Beverages - Pacific - Pilsner

Pacific Pilsner

A West Coast classic since the eighties. Our Pacific Pilsner is brewed using an ISO-certified, all malt recipe, but the standout ingredient is our BC spring water—essential to a great Pilsner brew. Keeping true to the original Czech style that it is based on, this is a crisp, clean, golden lager that has a good …

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PWB - Beverages - Pacific - Schwarzbock

Pacific Schwarzbock

The name “Schwarzbock” derives from the German word for black (“schwarz”) and “strong beer” (“bock”). Pacific Schwarzbock is true to German-style bocks, with an alcohol content of 8%, yet remarkably drinkable without the taste of alcohol but has a nice warm body that beer connoisseurs are looking for. 

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