Organic beer that tastes this good? Scandalous!

Something this good can’t be bottled up forever. For your enjoyment Pacific Western Brewing now offers its Scandal Organic Ale and Organic Lager in cans.

This is a brew that made history in Canada. Back in 1997, at an intimate storefront venue in Vancouver’s trendy Yaletown, Canada’s first organic lager beer was released by PWB to the delight of a full house of thirsty Vancouver media and trade VIPs.

Branded as “Natureland” in its early years, beer aficionados saw the beer’s launch as a recognition on the part of PWB that beer lovers were becoming increasingly aware of the quality of the ingredients that go into the brewing process.

More than two decades later Scandal Organic Ale and Organic Lager are being offered for the first time in distinctive cans and the ranks of discerning consumers of organic suds just keeps growing.

When that first organic lager was introduced one reviewer said: “The clear, pale-gold lager fares well in the often-uninspiring world of BC lagers. Carbonation is pretty much spot on, with a reasonable head of tight, tiny bubbles. The nose features sweet, honeyed, resiny aromas, while in the mouth it’s crisp, light and sunny. There’s a herbal nip on the tongue – likely due to the Hallertau hops – tempered with a smooth sweetness and followed by a slowly building bitterness.”

In the early 2000s “Natureland” Organic Ale joined its brand mate on liquor store shelves and quickly rose to stardom. In 2005, it was awarded a gold medal at the Brewing Industry International Awards in Munich, Germany.

Scandal Organic Lager Scandal has an exceptionally refreshing, clean taste which is the product of the world’s finest 100 per cent organic two-row malt, organic Bavarian Hallertau hops and PWB’s very own naturally pure spring water.

Like the Lager, the Ale is certified by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) and is also brewed with 100 per cent organic roasted malt, 100 per cent Hallertau hops and PWB’s signature pure spring water. What sets it apart from ordinary ales is a malty aroma tempered with a touch of caramel that adds sweetness. This amber ale, full of flavour and aroma is a perfect complement to our customers’ healthy lifestyles.

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