Expanded Canterbury brews are big winners

Prince George Cougars fans know their hockey and they know their beer … PWB’s Canterbury.

Pacific Western Brewing and two other local breweries went head to head selling their beer products at a recent Cougars game. The winner – Canterbury, of course – out-sold the competitors.

PWB’s original Canterbury Dark Mild has been joined on liquor store shelves by two new family members, Canterbury Blonde and Canterbury Dunkel.

In English history one Archbishop of Canterbury stands out above all others, the saintly Thomas Becket. And, now he stands out on PWB’s new packaging of its classic Dark Mild. The new Canterbury Blonde celebrates another great Archbishop, Thomas Cramner, and the dark Dunkel pays homage to Archbishop Alphege, a valiant Canterbury hero who died in 1011 defending his flock.

PWB General Manager Scott Rattee says: “First brewed more than 30 years ago, Canterbury Dark Mild was one of BC’s original craft beers and always paid tribute to Britain and Canterbury Cathedral. We have given our original craft beer a new bright, bold look true to its British roots.”

Dark Mild – brewed with the finest hops, yeast and two-row malted barley – has a smooth, aged taste to complement its bold, rich colour while retaining a lager’s traditional, fresh finish.

Historically, blonde beers have transitioned mass market consumers to craft style beers. Canterbury Blonde has a slight fruit flavour and a light golden blonde colour. It is a great alternative to your “dad’s beer” and pairs perfectly with sweet, hot or spicy foods including Asian dishes, chili, mango or jalapeño salsa.

Canterbury Dunkel is typical of Bavarian style beer, often what consumers refer to when they think of dark beer. This dark reddish brown beer offers a smooth malty flavour and features Hallertau and Summit hops. Dunkels are often paired with sweet and savoury BBQ pulled pork, roasted meat and game of all kinds.

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